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Please note Clavinova, Piano and Keyboard owners: We regret to inform you that Yamaha will terminate its Internet Direct Connection (IDC) streaming subscription service for the instruments listed below at the end of June 2016. (For Disklavier owners, the service will continue "as is".)

After June 2015, renewals of Piano Radio annual subscriptions will not be available in anticipation of the termination for these models, but existing subscriptions will continue to their completion.

For questions, please contact customer support at 1-866-430-2652 (in the United States), or visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com/en/help.


Channel #


Channel #


Channel List

CLP-380, Disklavier, CVP-300 series, CVP-400 series, CVP-500 series, CGP-1000, PSR-1500/3000, PSR-S700/S900, PSR-S710/S910, Tyros2, Tyros3
001 r01 Complimentary Channel Sampler
30-second samples of the popular hits you'll hear on the rest of our channels.
002 r02 Complimentary Music Channel
Full-length versions of some of the great classics you'll find on subscription channels.
003 r03 Adult Contemporary
004 r04 Halloween Hits
008 r08 Mellow and Modern - Solo Piano
009 r09 Jazz Club
010 r10 Original Artist - Classic Rock
011 r11 Original Artist - Standards
012 r12 Classical Variety
013 r13 Original Artist - Movie Soundtracks
014 r14 Pop Covers: 70s to Today
015 r15 Songs Of The 60s - Solo Piano
016 r16 Songs Of The 70s - Solo Piano
017 r17 Original Artist - R&B/Soul: Old and New
018 r18 Original Artist - Jazz
020 r20 Original Artist - Easy Listening
021 r21 Live From Laguna! Enjoy live performances from the Festival of Arts in Laguna, CA
022 r22 Musical Favorites of Stage and Screen
023 r23 Original Artist - Adult Contemporary
026 r26 Smooth Sounds
027 r27 Original Artist - Classical Masters
028 r28 Original Artist - Pop Rock Classics
030 r30 The Oscars
033 r33 Great Piano Solos
034 r34 Jazz
035 r35 Pop
036 r36 R&B and Soul
037 r37 Rock and Classic Rock
038 r38 Soundtracks
039 r39 Spiritual & Worship
040 r40 Standards
041 r41 Mellow Moods
043 r43 Elton John
044 r44 Chopin
046 r46 Live Piano Concerts
047 r47 Mozart Masterpieces
048 r48 Sue Downs Mix Tape
049 r49 Andrew Lloyd Webber
050 r50 Cocktail Party
051 r51 Auf Deutschland
052 r52 Les Miserables
053 r53 I Love the 80s!
054 r54 Hot Country Hits
055 r55 Disney Hits
056 r56 Classical and Semi-Classical
057 r57 Grammy Winners
058 r58 Serenity
059 r59 Broadway
060 r60 Ragtime
061 r61 French Composer
062 r62 Country
063 r63 华语流行歌曲: Chinese Pop Hits
064 r64 Original Artist - Country Legends
072 r72 Original Artist - Holiday Favorites
073 r73 Holiday Favorites
080 r80 Valentine Love Notes

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